We know you work hard to bring quality products and service, and the best price to your customers, but in this new mobile society, it's becoming even more difficult to reach the consumer...until now! With ShoppersEdge we bring Local Merchants and Local Shoppers together. 

ShoppersEdge is a new digital technology platform,  that gives you the opportunity to connect with Local Shoppers who are looking for your product or services.  Never before have you had the opportunity to connect one on one with the local shopper.  You know that shoppers are always looking for a good deal, but it's not always easy to get that information to the consumer quickly and efficiently.

As a merchant, you know the benefits of using traditional media advertising, but with all the hype surrounding the new digital technologies it's become more confusing than ever.  ShoppersEdge makes it simple! No guess work, no huge companies run by servers in the cloud, and a phone number that is answered by a human who can answer your questions, and most important we're local.

ShoppersEdge gives you the opportunity to target local customers, with specific information just for them, providing your customers with a another reason to visit your store again and again.  You also benefit with the ability to provide an instant need for a new customer.  ShoppersEdge allows you to set-up product keywords that can be accessed by local shoppers, but before you think its just another search engine think again!  ShoppersEdge allows shoppers to access product keywords by cell phones, the ShoppersEdge app, or even on the WEB, but what makes this so special is that shoppers requests are processed based on their location to your business.  Reach the shoppers who are most likely to come to your business right now.  Build a shoppers Loyalty program with the ShoppersEdge app, or your @MobileID and reach your shopper with with instant specials, and much much more.  ShoppersEdge brings your business together with the Local Shopper and opens up a exciting array of endless possibilities.

To find our more about ShoppersEdge and what our program can do for you, give us a call at 800-230-6009 or click here for our email contact option.